River Inn Elkton....Published Refund Policy.

The bookkeeper will issue all refunds based on the email receipt date

Here is what you must do to get a refund. Send an email to james@riverinnelkton.com with "REFUND" in the subject line of the email....this will route it to the bookkeeper. Specify the date of your booking and the room number as well as the method of the payment...paypal./credit card/check...etc..If you have a paypal account we can send you an immediate payment. If you paid by credit card we will have to send you a check so please include your Name,address, city, state, country, zip, and phone number. Please call Margaret at 541 389-2359 to let her know you are unable to keep your reservations, she will try to re-book your room.

72 Hour notice is required for a complete refund....paypal fees/charges may not be included. With less than 72 hours notice, a new day starts at 1 P.M. (check in time), we will try to book the room from clients we have turned away and new clients. If we are able to re-book, you will a receive a complete refund, minus money handling charges that may apply. If we are unable to re-book, you will be issued 1/2 of the booked amount. ( If we received 67.00 from paypal for a 69.00 payment...we can only refund the amount received!).Moving money charges may be deducted from your final refund by the money handlers. ( eg...paypal charges). Special circumstances will be evaluated for possible full refund. e.g.. you were physically unable to contact us...etc....Please let us know as soon as possible so that we may re-book the room.

If you are more than 72 hours from your booking and you want a refund the complete amount will be refunded less any paypal fees.


Margaret Wardrope

541 389-2359